Help Desk Tutorials

Below are examples of the type of resources we are currently compiling.


  • Student Moodle User Manual
  • Learning on Your Smart Phone


  • Teacher Moodle User Manual
  • Creating Your Own Content
  • Converting Offline Courses to Online Courses
  • Tips to Promoting Student Interaction
  • Giving Creative Feedback


  • How to be a Moodle Administrator
  • Using a Repository for Re-usable Content
  • Creating Groups
  • Backing Up Your Courses
  • Keeping Accurate Records for Avetmiss
  • Linking Your Student Database to Moodle

If, after going through these tutorials and the official Moodle help documentation, you are still having difficulties, please send an email to detailing your concern, and we will get back to you.

Creating a Course for Moodle