About Us

GT-Training is an initiative of the Group Training Association of Victoria (GTAV). GTAV continues to play a leadership role within the Group Training industry, including initiatives in e-learning and strategic capacity building for the sector.

GT-Training is a dedicated e-learning environment/Learning Management System implemented by GTAV utilising the “Moodle” platform. The association currently utilises this platform to bring flexible/blended learning to its member organisations in Victoria and (via it’s sister organisation, GTA NSW) in NSW. Current programs include a Certificate IV in Business (which has been customised to the business of Group Training); as well as Certificates in Occupational Health & Safety; and a program for business owners/managers to facilitate environmental Sustainability.

Example of the e-wise OHS course

The E-Wise OH&S program is delivered entirely online and is attracting interest nationally. GTAV is continuing to build its capability and expertise in e-learning, leading the sector in these developments. There are already approximately 50 businesses actively engaged in e-learning with GTAV. However the potential is for considerably greater engagement and involvement. GTAV has 26 member businesses in Victoria and these in turn are linked to approximately 5,000 enterprises hosting +8500 GTA apprentices and/or trainees.

The research and development work already undertaken by GTAV means that the Association is well positioned to provide leadership for the sector, both in relation to e-learning (and flexible/blended delivery) and the core issues of workforce development.

For further information about GTAV, please visit the associations website - www.gtavic.asn.au.

What is Group Training

The GTO Structure

Group Training is training and employment arrangement where an organisation, known as a Group Training Organisation or GTO, employs apprentices and trainees under an Apprenticeship / Traineeship Training Contract and places them with suitable host employers - enabling them to build their skills and industry knowledge.

Under this arrangement, the GTO is the legal employer and thus assumes the responsibility for the legal aspects of the employment contract as well as the training needs.

Some of the benefits of employing an apprenticeship / traineeship through Group Training are:

  • You are not tied to any contract with the apprentice or trainee;
  • You have the flexibility to employ an apprentice or trainee for the duration you need one;
  • If your business is faced with a reduction in work, you can send the apprentice or trainee back to the GTO who will find them a placement with another host employer;
  • All of the government paperwork for the apprenticeship / traineeship is completed and submitted by the GTO;
  • The GTO will organise and monitor the training for the apprentice / trainee;
  • All insurances and workers compensation responsibilities are assumed by the GTO;
  • The required safety equipment is provided to the apprentice / trainee by the GTO;
  • The GTO will handle the advertising and recruitment process to provide your business with the most suitable candidates.